When do I replace my 1'' X 20'' X 20'' inch  filter?

​When the filter becomes discolored, like the one on the right, about 3-6 months

In case of accidental damage to your frame, simply Repair it with clear packaging tape!


straighten the magnetic flaps like the gizmo on the top



1. We don't recommend using our                product on any fan that has been            recalled, please check your fan                  manufacturer recall list.

2. We do not recommend leaving plug        in electrical appliances on when you        are not home.

3. Use of this product may void fan              manufacturer's warranty.

Remove the shrink wrap

How to Install Your new Gizmo Breeze onto your Box Fan in 4 easy steps!



Place the Gizmo on the back of your fan, magnetize the three magnetic flaps to the right left and top of the fan body as shown in fig 3, and make sure the frame and filter are snug against the back of the fan by lifting the magnets and adjusting flaps forward a little at a time. then remove the picture graphics as in fig 4 and turn the fan on to start reducing airborn particles. 

We want to be up front and transparent with our customers.

First: there is no single product that can remove all the airborn particles from your environment completely, not even our product! 

The Gizmo Breeze Frame is made made with Card Board, and 1"X14" Magnetic strips. The complementary MERV8 Furnace filter is made of cardboard, Poly fiber, and metal mesh. The filter is a globally available standard size, and is also available in a MERV10, MERV13, and Carbon filled for odors.  So when your ready to replace the included filter you'l have choice.  We Chose to use a MERV rated filter, because the MERV rating is a standard we can all use and go by, its better then saying we are including a super Dooper filter, followed by promises and testimony's. We also chose cardboard because it was not only recyclable but biodegradable. We love the environment!

Tips for further particle reduction!

8 steps you can take to further reduce allergens in your indoor environment;

1. Vacuum carpeting and furniture regularly, shampoo every 1 to 2          years.

2. Clean bed covers, pillow cases, and drapes regularly. 

3. Dust surfaces regularly.

4. Reduce the amount of carpeting, especially shag.

5. Clean heating and cooling vents and ducts every 1 to 2 years, and        change the furnace filter as needed.

6. Change Gizmo filter as needed.

7. Use gizmo when pulling in outdoor air through the window.

8. Take off your shoes at the entrance.